Hi, I'm Danielle ! I love baking cakes. They're delicious, beautiful, adaptable and always bring people joy. Baking is something I grew up enjoying with my mom (who of coarse learned from her mom & so on), and long story short we just love the unlimited options cake offers in taste, texture and visual appeal! 
We love planning, and making every little detail count. 

As for the adorably decorated jars of cake. They were first designed in 2020 so loved ones could send handmade and home baked gifts to one another, however we (& everyone) fell in love with the convenience and serving size of the jars so we kept it around! Keep them in your freezer for when you want a late night snack, or a ready to go gift for a loved one.

Now we do it all, jars, cake shooters, cake push-pops, cupcakes, themed cakes, wedding cakes and more. 

(Licensed & Insured) 

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about McKinley Cakes!