Hi, I'm Danielle ! I have always loved baking cakes. They're delicious, beautiful, adaptable and above all else they bring people joy. Baking is something my mom (Carol) and I have always had a passion for. Whether its a birthday, bridal shower, baby announcement, you name it, we've always been the people to go to. Well once covid hit, we wanted to figure out a way to send those we love and miss something nice, which is where the jars came into play! We wanted a personalized gift, and if anyone knows us, we love to make things look presentable. So Carol got on designing the lids and I got on the recipes. As word spread, other people wanted to send some to they're loved ones, we got more and more requests so decided to go for our dream and make it official.

We just love getting to create a gift that is homemade, beautiful and of coarse DELICIOUS!  

So send us a message to have us design something yummy for your next event! 

Thank you so much for supporting McKinley Cakes!