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Hi, I'm Danielle ! I have always loved baking cakes. They're delicious, beautiful, adaptable and above all else they bring people joy. Baking is something my mom (Carol) and I have always had a passion for. Whether its a birthday, bridal shower, baby announcement, you name it, we've always been the people to go to.

I’ve always been more of a cake person than an ice cream person and I never thought it was fare that my husband could run out and get ice cream when he craved something sweet but there was no where to get quality cake on the go. This is why we love the cake in mason jars! Just stick them in the freezer and you've always got a treat to eat or a homie gift to bring someone. We love to make things look presentable, out of the box and personalized. So we got on designing the lids and have continued to come up with fun festive looking jars that are packed full of flavor! 

Now we do it all, jars, cake shooters, cake push-pops, cupcakes, themed cakes and wedding cakes! 

We just love getting to create a gift that is homemade, beautiful and of coarse DELICIOUS! 

Thank you so much for supporting McKinley Cakes!